Skip Hire Conditions

Hire period is up to 1 week unless previously agreed with the us.

No special waste including asbestos (in any form), plasterboard, refrigerators, freezers, gas bottles, tyres, oil paints, tars, solvents, pharmaceuticals, greases, electrical appliances, TV monitors, computers and fluorescent tubes to be placed in a skip without prior arrangements with the us.

Plaster/ plasterboard - contact us before placing in skip.

Where the driver is directed to deposit the skip off the highway we shall be under no liability whatsoever to the hirer for any damage caused whilst the vehicle is off the highway.

The hirer shall not move the skip without our consent.

Farm Waste

In May 2007 the EU Waste Directive made it illegal for farmers to dispose of any farm plastic waste other than through an Environment Agency licensed disposal site.

We will collect Reasonably Clean 

  • Plastic
  • Bags - Please ensure bags are empty of residue product
  • Silage Wrap
  • Bale Twine
  • Herbicide / Pesticide Containers

Please ensure ALL bottles and containers have tops cut off at the shoulders and have been triple rinsed

Responsibilities of the hirer:

  • The skip must be properly coned at all times and lighted during hours of darkness when on the highway.
  • The skip must be level filled - overloaded skips cannot be collected.
  • Fires must not be lit in the skip. (Any damage so caused would be charged to the hirer)


Under EA guidelines from 1st April 2009 there is no acceptable amount for gypsum based products to be deposited at landfill alongside bio-degradable waste. We ask that if you have any plasterboard to remove from site - could you ensure it is separated from other waste. If there is a small amount it would be acceptable for you to bag it up and place it on top of the mixed waste skip (must be level load when plasterboard on top) at no extra cost. If there is a substantial amount we would ask that you hire a separate skip - please ask for quote.

Filling your skip

When filling your skip, you must keep the load level with the top of the skip itself.

It is against the law for our drivers to carry skips loaded beyond this point on the highways. We recommend to customers that it is far better to hire a skip and not completely fill it – as oppose to ordering a skip that is too small for the job and end up needing to hire a second skip!!

Siting of the skip

Ideally the skip can be sited on privately owned property i.e. garden or driveway etc. However as this is not always the case you do have the option of placing the skip on the road or grass verge outside the property. To do this your local council must first give permission and issue a permit. We can consult with the council on your behalf and apply for the relevant permit. Permits usually last for 14 days – dependent upon location. The Council do unfortunately charge for permits and dependent upon location these changes vary. We will inform you of the exact amount at the time of order. Please bear in mind that Council permits can take between 1 and 5 working days to obtain dependent upon the location.


PLEASE NOTE: A standard skip lorry requires a minimum of 10 feet width to gain access – regardless of what size skip you have ordered. A smaller wagon is available which can get into tighter spaces – it requires 8 feet minimum width to gain access, however this vehicle option will limit the size of skip can have and the materials you are able to put in the skip.

Points to consider: If access is required for a Large Goods Vehicle. Tarmac, concrete and block - paving may not be suitable to carry the weight of the vehicle/loaded skip.